(Effective March 18 2020.) Due to circumstances brought about by the CoViD-19 pandemic, my weekly engagements have been suspended indefinitely. Those weekly engagements were at Shooter's Bar and Grill at the La Jolla Sheraton, CA (every Wednesday), and The Amigo Spot at The King's Inn, San Diego, CA (every Friday and Saturday). During this period I could be available for private events provided that any government/health mandates concerning public safety during the pandemic are followed.

I am a multi-keyboardist and vocalist with the ability to kick left-hand bass when needed. I have worked continuously with very little time between jobs since I started my musical career. Below is a sampling of the jobs I have held throughout the years. They are listed in reverse order starting with my present job and moving back in time. Along with my steady jobs I have continously performed at private functions and have worked in the recording studio as a producer/arranger and/or keyboardist for many local artist's albums and demo recordings. If you think you would like to hire me for your restaurant, bar, or private function please drop me a line via my contact page.

  1. The Amigo Spot, 1333 Hotel Circle South, 2016
    I am currently working at the Amigo Spot restaurant in the Kings Inn Hotel. I perform every Thursday from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm, and Friday from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm (except the first Thursday of every month).
  2. Shooter's Bar and Grill, The Sheraton La Jolla Hotel, 2016
    I am also currently working at Shooter's Bar and Grill in The Sheraton La Jolla Hotel every Wednesday from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm
  3. Albie's Beef Inn, Hotel Circle, 1997 - 2015

    Starting in 1997 I became the pianist for Albie's piano bar. I perform alone, kicking left-hand bass and trigger a drum machine with my foot. I never use any type of pre-recorded backing tracks or MIDI files. I play live music. I sing and also back selected clientelle who wish to sing or play instruments. I worked Tuesday through Saturday, After fourteen years I decided to cut back to four nights, playing Wednesday - Saturday for the last four years. It is sad to say that after being in business for over 50 years Albie's will be closing as of December 23, 2015.

  4. Humphrey's Back Stage, Shelter Island 2014 - 2015

    For just over a year I backed Jesse Davis and also Aubrey Fay for Humphrey's Sunday Brunch. Over the years I have occasionally backed Jesse Davis at other venues.

  5. Kelly's Steak House - 2 months in early 1997

    Kelly's was a traditional sit around the piano bar gig. Customers were encouraged to sing. Two months after I started I was offered a five night a week job at Albie's Beef Inn.

  6. Red Tracton's Restaurant, Solana Beach - 1992 - 1997

    Red's is a very upscsale steakhouse with a baby grand piano in their very large bar area. I played their piano and used my own keyboard for bass. It was strictly a performance gig, where I would take requests. There were exceptions to the rule when a celebrity might want to perform. One such occasion was when actress Elke Sommer sang the song "Lilly Marlene" with me.

  7. Side man with Semisi Mau - Various Venues - multiple years.

    I performed as a keyboard player for Semisi Mau and his bands, Tribal Lunchbox and Fula Bula. We played many jobs around the North County coastal area (Encinitas,Rancho Santa Fe, Carlsbad, etc.) as well as being in the rotation for Sunday concerts at Seaport Village.

  8. Gourmet Room, Town and Country Hotel ,San Diego - Two months in 1991

    I did a short stint as a pianist here. My job was to play soothing piano music while the customers dined.

  9. The Boondocks Restaurant, La Mesa -1987-1991

    This was my first venture into the piano bar format and it took a little getting use to playing for customer's who sang.

  10. Hotel Meridian, Coronado - 1987

    I went to work for Allied Booking Agency. Allied placed me at the Hotel Meridian as a background music pianist. This is the only time I used an agency to find a job.

  11. La Casa Del Zorro, Borrego Springs - 1982-1987

    Night and Day, a trio, became the house band at La Casa Del Zorro. We played poolside in the mornings, in the Fox Den in the evenings and hosted the Jazz Weekend Jam Session after hours. At that jam session I had the pleasure of playing with such greats as Hollis Gentry, Fat Burger, Preston Coleman and many others.

  12. Rams Hill Country Club, Borrego Springs - 1982-1984

    I started there as a single act, playing keyboards and singing. Then I got permission, and the budget, to hire my musical partner bass player, Carl Ross. We called oursleves "Night and Day". Ater a while we began working at both Rams Hill and La Casa Del Zorro. It wasn't long before La Casa wanted us full time.

  13. Hannigan's Restaurant and Hillary's Pub, St. Louis, Missouri, 1985

    I moved to my hometown of St.Louis for a year. I played both Hannigan's and Hillary's which kept me working a minimum of four nights a week. One aspect of my year in St Louis, that would prove invaluable in the years to follow, was the exposure I had again, to many excellent jazz musicians. My jazz chops improved greatly.

  14. Romano's Restaurant and Julian Theatre - 1982-1984

    Played piano at Romano's and worked for the Julian Theatre as Director of Music, musician and composer for several musical theater productions.

  15. Melting Pot - 1980 to 1982

    We were a concert show trio with a permanent sound tech and a permanent lighting tech. The group played a mix of mostly original music that was heavily reggae influenced rock. Randy Seol (of Strawberry Alarm Clock fame) was the band's leader. I played keyboard and left-hand bass while performing lead and backup vocals. We did our own local shows and a West Coast Tour and Canadian Tour. We also opened for artists such as Toots and the Maytals. We became the backup band for famous Jamaican singer Leroy Smart and did his West Coast Tour including stops in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

  16. For the Love of Elvis Show - 1979 to 1980

    This show was backed by a prominant and successful construction developer in Ventura County California. In addition to being the piano player, I was given the job of musical director for the show. In addition to directing the band I had to transcribe all the Elvis records and write a score for the show. I had to write parts for a three piece horn section, four backup singers, guitar bass and drums. Directly after our first two concerts at the Oxnard Civic Center the Elvis empersonator traded show biz for married life.

  17. Partnership with Carl Ross - 1974-1987 on and off

    Carl has considerable experience in the business. He is a bass player and vocalist who, as a member of various bands backed up such people as Barbra Striesand, and Rosemary Clooney. We became partners and formed several successful bands together. The bands went under the names Sunset, The Whatever Band, and Night and Day to name a few. Some of the venues we played were The Mandolin Wind, The Coloseum (Mission Valley), and Monk's. We have collaborated on and off throughout my career.